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#TLCVoxBox @Influenster

I received this box from @influenster!! I love this box!! I have actually used most of the things that come in it this time. The Neo To Go (#NeoReady) I used on my hubby yesterday when he cut himself at work.

I already you puffs with lotion, so it is awesome that they came out with a travel version on this!! @Puffs  #PassthePuffs

I don’t have a Shell station near me but this weekend when I run my route for my News America Marketing job, I will stop at Shell and fill up with 25 cents off per gallon!! @Shell_US #FuelRewards

I haven’t tried that Avon part because I haven’t had a chance to put makeup on yet. But is has a really nice color and a great smell. @AvonInsider  #AvonANEW

I have always loved Ivory soap, so I was excited to see a full size bar as a freebie!! @Ivory #SudLife

Breyers Gelato is one of my favorites!! Love the texture and flavors!! @Breyers  #GelatoLove

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.



My update

I haven’t been working out consistently like I should be but I thought I would give a picture update and show you the progress I have made.

Progress 5.14

I am guessing about the March one (could be April) but that is where I started out at after my last baby. The middle picture, I think I gained most back and started over again. The last is just a few months after the middle  picture and not really trying. I am very proud of that and can’t wait to see what happens when I try hard again!!

Have a great day everyone!!

I think I am back!!

It has been a while since I have last posted.

Today I decided I need to get on the right track again. I haven’t fell off and gained but I haven’t really lost either. As of today I am 279. I am trying to get rid of my mama pooch. I have been doing different at home exercises with a ball to help with that. I also got on my bike here at home and rode 6.14 miles today.

I am feeling pretty proud of myself today. I just really hope I can keep this feeling up and keep going. I really want to lose 20 pounds over the next 2 months. That would put me at pre DJ weight. If I can lose 40 pounds, that would put me at pre baby weight!! GOALS!!

New Weigh in day

It has been a while since I actually did a weigh in. This past 2 weeks I have been sick still. I think it is from trying this slim fast diet. Don’t think my stomach likes whatever is in those shakes. This morning I was down to 281.4 fully dressed!! So I am guessing a normal weigh in would be about 279. Yay!! I would feel better about this loss but I haven’t been to the gym or really eaten anything for a week unless my stomach tells me I HAVE to. Can’t wait for this yuck to go away and then I can get back to working out and eating healthy again. Food right now just makes me nauseous, even thinking about it. Sucks!! So if I don’t post again next week you will know why 😦

checking in!!

Sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. I have been trying to keep myself busy and have been!! This last week I worked 3 of my jobs and even had a snow day in there. I also decided that I need to change my weigh in day. I think I will start doing Sundays and I will start that next week. I know I haven’t really lost anything this past week because I have been eating crappy with being busy. I tried doing the slim fast diet but that didn’t go over very well because I would forget to eat the snacks (plus kinda broke at the moment) and then would be starving and want to eat a lot. So I am planning on trying again this week with making sure I snack since I won’t be as busy.

I got out with the family tonight and did a walk around the neighborhood. First time this year we have done that. It was really nice to do but my boys told me they were going to die when we got home, lol!! I didn’t think we went that far but it added up so that to me means I can skip the gym tonight since we did it outside together. Would you agree?

been sick.

This past week I have been sick. Even missing work, which I hardly EVER do!! Today is the first day back at the gym. OMG I so needed that. I feel SOOOO much better after sweating like a pig!! I never, in a million years, did I think I would say that but here I am. I guess I am really on board with this whole life change. It may be small changes but hell, I have stuck with going to a gym since Dec. I am proud of myself for doing it. I may not have the results that I was hoping for (I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week) but I am doing pretty darn good. I started out 2 years ago at my heaviest at 325. I have had a baby since then and over the last year I went back and forth with what I was doing with my health. After I got married, I decided I was going to really give it a try again. I honestly didn’t think I would make it past 1 month. 4 months later and I am down to 285. So over the last couple years, I have officially lost 40 pounds. My goal is 200. I am hoping I can do this because I want to be around for as long as I can. I want to see everything my kids do!! I want to be able to play with my kids as they grow up. I don’t want to be on hundreds of pills just to get through the day. I am almost 35 and so far I don’t have to take pills. I am really proud of that but I know that can change any day. I give myself over to that higher power to help me on my journey and I pray that I have the strength inside of myself to complete this goal.

I really didn’t think this would end up a blog post. This whole thing started as a post on facebook but I decided at the end to put it here instead. Thank you to all of you who are here to support me. There are a few people who comment on facebook that I never expected to and it makes me feel good that after all these years, they still care enough just to say good job. It feels good to know that it isn’t just me or my mom but others cheering me on too. So THANK YOU to all of you who are out there cheering me on and supporting me. It really does make a huge difference!!

Weigh in day

This past week has not been very nice to me.  I have only worked out once in a week.  Trying to change my workout times from night to morning did not go well.  So this week I have only lost 0.4. As of tonight I am going back to working out at night instead of trying to get up early, I am just not a morning person.  I have been doing pretty good on not having coffee though.  I did drink some over the weekend but still stayed within my calories.  Oh well, here is top hoping next week I am down another 5 to make up for this week!!