weigh in

I am weighing in a day early because I don’t think I will remember in the morning. So my last weigh in was 291.6, and this mornings weigh in was 287.4. Really proud of my 4.2 lb loss!! So now I have passed my mini goal. I no longer have a mini goal. I have a major goal of 275. I have also started working out in the morning instead of at night because I find now that I have a hard time falling asleep. I did work out Monday morning but didn’t this morning. The only reason is because when my alarm started going off, my legs started cramping. I was not going to go try to work out with my legs cramping. So I filled my day with LOTS of water and hopefully I will get there again in the morning but we will see what this crappy weather has in store first. I am loving the fact that the 2 new pairs of size 22 pants that I bought, I now need a belt because they are getting baggy on my already!! Kinda hating that too because they cost enough money!! Well, I gotta go get the baby in the bath. Have a good night everyone!!



Today’s weight in …. 291.6. So I have lost some but not much but I am still good with that. Everyday is a challenge and I am getting over those challenges.  Only 1.6 lbs before my mini goal is done.  I think I will work extra hard to get that gone this next week.

Getting back after a few days.

i finally got going again . It took a few days but I feel pretty good now today. last Week i took an extra day because my calves were Killing me. then i had my pampered Chef party. Saturday my husband and I had a date night . Sunday I finished redoing my bathroom. Paint , mirror, window covers. Was a workout in itself . Today I got a new phone. I am actually hand writing this post. l love it!! we will see how I am feeling in the morning after having 4 days Off and then doing 30 Mins on the elliptical .

Wednesday check-in

This mornings weigh in was 293.0. So a loss of 1.4 lbs!! I am happy with that because I have been eating crappy (girl scout cookies) but have been working out good. Last nights workout was awesome. I didn’t get the circuit in because my kids wanted to hang out with me before bed but I was dripping when I was done on the elliptical. I just finished dinner, so I am letting that settle a bit before I head over to the gym again. I have gone to the gym for 3 nights in a row (including tonight) and I am not sure if I will make it there tomorrow because of a conference call for work. I know I won’t make it there Friday night because I am having a Pampered Chef party and I will be drinking a couple glasses of wine. Anyways, time to spend some time with my kids.

Girl scout cookies….

Will be the death of me!! I have been slacking the last few days just because of being so busy in the evening. I have been eating lots of carbs too!! It is horribly good though!! So lately I have only been doing 25 mins on the elliptical and then one set of reps on the weight circuit. Tonight because of missing 4 days and eating crap for a few days, I bumped it up to 30 mins. OMG!! I was soaking when I was done!! I haven’t done that for a while, damp but not soaking!! It felt really good!! I am back at it. I will not quit!! I will change my body and make myself happy with myself again!!

One other big thing for me is shopping. I HATE it. Like with a passion. I would never think to go into stores like Vanity or Glik. They have such cute clothes but for a big girl like me, I could never wear it because they are tighter fitting and I have rolls. Well, on Valentine’s night, one of my closest friends invited us out to dinner with her and her husband. We met them at the mall. She wears all those cute clothes from places like that. I told her I think I might have lost enough weight to look for something. Guess what!?!? I bought 4 tank tops and 2 t-shirts from Vanity!! I still have to throw on my spanx to smooth out my rolls but I can fit into their clothes now!! It was a huge thing for me to be able to do that. I am very proud of the changes in my body!!

Well my little one is crying for me to bring her to bed. Have a great night everyone!!


My weight has gone up. I will attribute this to adding weights into my workout and if I don’t start losing again by next week, I will have to figure something else out!! This morning when I stepped onto the scale, I was 294.4. So a weigh gain of 1.4 pounds. Not happy but I also haven’t been eating as good either. I can only blame myself for this one. I have been going to the gym almost every night which is different. I was only going every other night. I haven’t been sleeping very well either and I think that is helping on the not eating very good because I find myself snacking during the day to keep myself awake. I think I will have to talk to the doctor about my sleep because I am so tired of having these periods of sleeping and not sleeping. The other night I think I slept about 3 hours total and that was VERY broken sleep. I am still loving the elliptical and the weight circuit at the gym though, that is why I have been going almost every night. It is a stress relief!! Got my federal taxes back today, so I can now go over and sign up for a year contract at the gym too!! Which is good because my 3 month was set to expire on the 23rd. Anyways, back to work 🙂

next step

Today has been a long day!! I was up at like 6:30 to go ice fishing. My step-dad and I caught 2 fish total. I am such bad luck. We haven’t got hardly anything for 4 weeks now but when he goes out by himself, he catches lots. So after fishing, I came home and grabbed the family and we went to a bowling birthday party. That was fun!! I miss bowling!! I ate all sorts of crap. Pizza, nacho’s, and cake!! It was so good!! After that, I ran and got food for the baby. Then I went to the gym. I did 25 mins on the elliptical and then added weights. I did the circuit of machines. I really didn’t think that my arms were that weak!! I was wrong. I am planning on adding more and more time on those machines every time I go. I am actually enjoying going to the gym now. I have fun and feel really good when I am done. I never actually thought I would get to that point. I was debating about getting a year long membership or just buying a treadmill since I have a bunch of free weights at home. I think tonight has made me realize that the different machines at the gym are what I need to help with my gigantic goal of 100 pounds. Only 90 pounds left!!