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checking in!!

Sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. I have been trying to keep myself busy and have been!! This last week I worked 3 of my jobs and even had a snow day in there. I also decided that I need to change my weigh in day. I think I will start doing Sundays and I will start that next week. I know I haven’t really lost anything this past week because I have been eating crappy with being busy. I tried doing the slim fast diet but that didn’t go over very well because I would forget to eat the snacks (plus kinda broke at the moment) and then would be starving and want to eat a lot. So I am planning on trying again this week with making sure I snack since I won’t be as busy.

I got out with the family tonight and did a walk around the neighborhood. First time this year we have done that. It was really nice to do but my boys told me they were going to die when we got home, lol!! I didn’t think we went that far but it added up so that to me means I can skip the gym tonight since we did it outside together. Would you agree?