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New Weigh in day

It has been a while since I actually did a weigh in. This past 2 weeks I have been sick still. I think it is from trying this slim fast diet. Don’t think my stomach likes whatever is in those shakes. This morning I was down to 281.4 fully dressed!! So I am guessing a normal weigh in would be about 279. Yay!! I would feel better about this loss but I haven’t been to the gym or really eaten anything for a week unless my stomach tells me I HAVE to. Can’t wait for this yuck to go away and then I can get back to working out and eating healthy again. Food right now just makes me nauseous, even thinking about it. Sucks!! So if I don’t post again next week you will know why 😦


Weigh in day

This past week has not been very nice to me.  I have only worked out once in a week.  Trying to change my workout times from night to morning did not go well.  So this week I have only lost 0.4. As of tonight I am going back to working out at night instead of trying to get up early, I am just not a morning person.  I have been doing pretty good on not having coffee though.  I did drink some over the weekend but still stayed within my calories.  Oh well, here is top hoping next week I am down another 5 to make up for this week!!

weigh in

I am weighing in a day early because I don’t think I will remember in the morning. So my last weigh in was 291.6, and this mornings weigh in was 287.4. Really proud of my 4.2 lb loss!! So now I have passed my mini goal. I no longer have a mini goal. I have a major goal of 275. I have also started working out in the morning instead of at night because I find now that I have a hard time falling asleep. I did work out Monday morning but didn’t this morning. The only reason is because when my alarm started going off, my legs started cramping. I was not going to go try to work out with my legs cramping. So I filled my day with LOTS of water and hopefully I will get there again in the morning but we will see what this crappy weather has in store first. I am loving the fact that the 2 new pairs of size 22 pants that I bought, I now need a belt because they are getting baggy on my already!! Kinda hating that too because they cost enough money!! Well, I gotta go get the baby in the bath. Have a good night everyone!!

Wednesday check-in

This mornings weigh in was 293.0. So a loss of 1.4 lbs!! I am happy with that because I have been eating crappy (girl scout cookies) but have been working out good. Last nights workout was awesome. I didn’t get the circuit in because my kids wanted to hang out with me before bed but I was dripping when I was done on the elliptical. I just finished dinner, so I am letting that settle a bit before I head over to the gym again. I have gone to the gym for 3 nights in a row (including tonight) and I am not sure if I will make it there tomorrow because of a conference call for work. I know I won’t make it there Friday night because I am having a Pampered Chef party and I will be drinking a couple glasses of wine. Anyways, time to spend some time with my kids.


My weight has gone up. I will attribute this to adding weights into my workout and if I don’t start losing again by next week, I will have to figure something else out!! This morning when I stepped onto the scale, I was 294.4. So a weigh gain of 1.4 pounds. Not happy but I also haven’t been eating as good either. I can only blame myself for this one. I have been going to the gym almost every night which is different. I was only going every other night. I haven’t been sleeping very well either and I think that is helping on the not eating very good because I find myself snacking during the day to keep myself awake. I think I will have to talk to the doctor about my sleep because I am so tired of having these periods of sleeping and not sleeping. The other night I think I slept about 3 hours total and that was VERY broken sleep. I am still loving the elliptical and the weight circuit at the gym though, that is why I have been going almost every night. It is a stress relief!! Got my federal taxes back today, so I can now go over and sign up for a year contract at the gym too!! Which is good because my 3 month was set to expire on the 23rd. Anyways, back to work 🙂

Weigh-in Wednesday!!

So yeah, last week was because of that icky thing. Today’s weigh in …. 293.0!! So from last week, that makes a 5.8 lbs drop!! Yay!! Only 3 pounds until my next mini-goal. I didn’t get to the gym last night so I did 30DS instead. The night before, I actually had my boys do the 30DS with me. It was kinda interesting to see how well they did for only being 6 and 9. My baby girl just sits and watches and sometimes giggles when I am jumping. My boys said they want to keep doing the work out with me but they want weights too. I told them once the can do the workout in the correct form, then I will get them weights too. Anyways, time to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone!!

weight in

Kinda mad. I have been eating pretty good and not having pop. I have been faithful to working out. Not running, but have been doing 30ds for 3 days now. I have been getting good sweats going too, but weigh in today is 298.8. That is a 2.2 pound gain. My husband says don’t be hard on yourself. He thinks that maybe I am retaining water because I have my friend. Hoping he is right but I am still mad.